A Letter from the League's Board President, Nancy van Natta

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Dear Symphony League members:

Last month I attended the Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ACSO) conference for the first time.  Among the many things I learned there was that our Symphony League is the envy of Leagues throughout California for the amount of money we raise for our Symphony orchestra.  Last year’s contribution of $109,000 was a truly outstanding result, and we owe ourselves a huge congratulations for a job well done.

Now we need to follow that result with another banner year.  Our goal for 2018-19 is $100,000 and it will take every one of us to reach that goal. I urge you to say “Yes” to a request to volunteer or better yet contact a board member and ask how you can help..

Volunteering for the League has benefitted me in a number of ways:

  • I’ve made wonderful friends and gained a sense of community that I would not otherwise have. 
  • I’ve learned about music and I’ve had the honor of interacting with talented professional musicians. 
  • I’ve learned new skills in marketing, selling, promotion, crafting, events. 
  • I’ve learned to work effectively in groups – a very transferable skill!

Whether you want to run things or just do a small part, I invite you to get involved as I have.  I guarantee you will be challenged and you’ll come away with new skills.  Here’s to a great year ahead!

Nancy Van Natta  Symphony League President

Nancy Van Natta

Symphony League President