"Checkin' In" League Annual Meeting

“Checkin’ In” was the theme for this year’s Annual Meeting, held on June 29 at the Lodge at Montevalle in Scotts Valley. Over 50 members of the League attended (as well as the full Board), enjoying the excellent camaraderie and catching up on Symphony happenings.

Important announcements also take place at the League’s Annual Meetings, and this year was no exception. As is our tradition, the League presented the fruits of its labor over the past year to the Santa Cruz Symphony Association, in the form of a check for $94,134! Countless hours of labor and love went into this check from all members in the past year, and we can’t be prouder that it will serve to bolster the financial needs of the Symphony for the coming year.

Our President, Nancy Van Natta, also used this opportunity to announce three events for the upcoming season that are already in the works - the ever-popular Gala, the Home Tour, and new to the repertoire, a special tour to a garden in Woodside. Each of these events will need volunteers to brainstorm, plan, and execute, so if you’re itching to become more involved, give any Board member a holler and s/he will set you right up.

Another important function of the Annual Meeting is to install the new Board. Your newly-elected Board members for 2019~2020 are the following:

President - Nancy Van Natta

Parliamentarian - Clyde Vaughn

Vice-Presidents of Education Programs & Previews - Cheryl Hammond and Kate Sutherland

Vice-President of Membership & Recruitment - Dan Rutan

Vice-President of Communications - Clyde Vaughn

Vice-President of Public Relations - Patricia Greenway

Recording Secretary - Vickie Rutan

Corresponding Secretary - Susan Koeker

Treasurer - Sheila Vaughn

Members-at-Large are: Ricardo de la Cruz; Fred Dunn-Ruiz; Kathy Hatfield; Mary Ann Hobbs; Patrick Hung; Helen Jones; Bill Mowatt; Spomenka Zaninovich.

Meeting attendees were treated to a sumptuous variety of foods, in the Mexican tradition… make your own tacos! Always a crowd-pleaser, as are the salads and fresh fruits on offer. For those with a sweet tooth, Vickie Rutan brought cupcakes to share!

All work and no fun is… no fun, so Vickie Rutan used this wonderful gathering to bring some big fun and laughter to the crowd, by creatively thanking the members who volunteered their time in assisting with Vickie and Dan’s “Feed the Symphony” effort over the past Symphony season. There were many volunteers to thank, but Vickie, without fail, thanked each volunteer individually, and gave each red cooking utensils! Yours truly received a red spatula and heat pad. Thanks, Vickie!

The Annual Meeting is a great event for all members to gather at Season’s end to reminisce and celebrate our work and fun over the past months, with the ultimate goal to support our spectacular Symphony and classical music in Santa Cruz County. If you missed the meeting this year, don’t fret, as next year’s will be even better!

PHOTOS of the event - courtesy of our talented volunteer-photographer, Kevin Monahan.