Jewel Theatre - A "20-20" Event

Sunday, July 28th, the “20-20” Group hosted a casual get-together at Barbara Canfields' lovely home on the Westside.  All 34 + attendees seem to have had a wonderful time, and a last-minute check meant the Symphony League netted $1,010.00.  But as you know, this is not meant to be a big fundraiser, but rather it is meant to bring people together in small groups to afford the opportunity to enjoy themselves and to get to know each other.  The highlight of the afternoon was the entertainment presented by Julie James, Artistic Director and part owner of  the Jewel Theatre, and they succeeded in entertaining us with some short hilarious skits.

The following folks contributed to making this a successful event:  Barbara Canfield for sharing her lovely home; Kevin Monahan for taking such wonderful pictures; Clyde Vaughn for the captivating notices and e-mail blasts; Sheila Vaughn for helping out at the event; Julie Mazurickfor being the Point Person and making sure everyone had access to the delicious finger food;Patricia Greenway for helping Julie; Harry Domash for doing a great job serving the wine; Cheryl Hammond for doing her usual outstanding job of collecting the money and keeping the records;Julie James and her Jewel Theatre colleagues for entertaining us; Bill Mowatt for providing the wine and water; the folks who showed up with delicious finger-food, and anyone else I may have inadvertently omitted.

Thank you all for making this an enjoyable and successful event!  Let's do something like this again!

by Bill Mowatt

Please click on the following link for photos to the Jewel Theater event:

Jewel Theatre Event PHOTOS